Info on (un)documented parameters of Mitsumi FX-001D (doublespeed)
   CD-ROM device-driver MTMCDAE.SYS (verified with v1.15-v1.21):

   Discovered by Matthias Paul <Matthias.Paul@post.rwth-aachen.de>;
   Last edit: 1997-05-24

   Only undocumented parameters are described here in details, since
   documented parameters are described in the manual shipped with the drive.

   BTW, this drive is using a MASH D/A-converter in conjunction with
   a Sony CXP85120-114Q.


   Parameter:  Description <default>:                          Undocumented:

   /P:xxx      Port
   /D:xxxxxx   Device driver name
   /T:x        DMA channel
   /I:x        IRQ
   /M:xx       Memory stock buffer
   /U:0        <Unlock door>                                         X
   /U:1        Lock door, eject key is not operational               X
               whether door is open or closed                        X
   /A:x        Audio mode
   /N          ???                                                   X
   /X          Use XMS
   /S:0        <Do not support subchannel info>                      X
   /S:1        Include subchannel info support                       X
   /V          Display version of FirmWare ('D04' with my drive)     X

   As you see, there is only one of the drivers messages not yet
   discovered: 'Lock/Unlock Skipped', so perhaps it may have to do
   something with unknown parameter /N???


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