BSAVE Command


To save portions of user memory on the specified device.


BSAVE filename,offset,length


filename is a valid string expression containing the filename.

offset is a valid numeric expression within the range of 0 to 65535. This is the offset into the segment, declared by the last DEF SEG, where saving is to start.

length is a valid numeric expression within the range of 0 to 65535, specifying the length of the memory image to be saved.

If filename is less than one character, a "Bad File Number" error is issued and the load is aborted.

Execute a DEF SEG statement before the BSAVE. The last known DEF SEG address is always used for the save.

The DEF SEG statement must be used to set up the segment address to the start of the screen buffer. An offset of 0 and a length of 16384 specify that the entire 16K screen buffer is to be saved.


10 DEF SEG=&HB800
20 BSAVE"PICTURE", 0, 16384

The DEF SEG statement in line 10 points the segment at the screen buffer.

The BSAVE command in line 20 saves the screen buffer in the file named picture.