RUN Command


To execute the program currently in memory, or to load a file from the diskette into memory and run it.


RUN [line number][,r]
RUN filename[,r]


RUN or RUN line number runs the program currently in memory.

If line number is specified, execution begins on that line. Otherwise, execution begins at the lower line number.

If there is no program in memory when RUN is executed, GW-BASIC returns to command level.

RUN filename closes all open files and deletes the current memory contents before loading the specified file from disk into memory and executing it.

The r option keeps all data files open.

If you are using the speaker on the computer, please note that executing the RUN command will turn off any sound that is currently running and will reset to Music Foreground. Also, the PEN and STRIG Statements are reset to OFF.



Runs NEWFIL.BAS without closing data files.